Data-based care for trees outside forest.

By a detailed evaluation of the condition, we can contribute to the discovery of trees that pose a danger to their surroundings, but above all, to save a number of those that are completely safe and healthy.

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Arbo Technologies | Data - based care

Data-based care

We are an innovative Czech company with global ambitions

Through a unique trio of tools, we streamline the collection of data on non-forest greenery and expand the range of variables that arborists can examine to reveal the true condition of their trees.


Although trees bring us many benefits, from time to time they can make our lives rather difficult or even dangerous.

Fear, however, clouds judgement, and so often even those trees that are quite stable and harmless are cut down, just because they grow a little bit on their own. By increasing the efficiency of tree data collection and the volume of data processed, we are able to contribute to the detection of individuals that pose a risk from the  safety perspective.

At the same time, we can save a number of trees that are stable and have long-term prospects despite visible defects. In this way, we give a chance to those that return it back in the form of CO2 sequestration, shade provision and urban climate modification.

We use our long-term know-how in the field of arboriculture in close connection with modern technology to reveal and describe the detailed condition of individual trees.

The fusion of field experience and current technological advances is a never-ending process that we are constantly accelerating by applying new knowledge and procedures.

We are interested in neural networks, 3D field mapping, creating and working in 3D environments, data analytics, lidar work and last but not least, automated photo analysis and computing physical dimensions from images.

We are happy to welcome anyone who is familiar with modern technologies and the idea of their connection with nature and would like to put down roots in our fertile soil.

Fortunately, there is a huge number of trees as well as technologies to explore them with. Our partners, Safe Trees and Y Soft, help us understand them and not get lost in their dense forest.

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Although we grow along trees, our growth is still much faster. But so far it's still a rough fight - compared to trees, to which we would like to offer a better view than the sound of a chainsaw, there are yet still only a few of us.

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