We create state of the art software for arborists.

The products we develop are designed to increase the cost-effectiveness of collecting data on the state of non-forest greenery, to deepen it and to interpret it. Each of our products, which we are expanding in line with our growing specialisation, combines cutting edge technology with the latest arboricultural knowledge. As a result, our tools grow with the trees they explore. 

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We use our long-standing know-how in the field of arboriculture in close connection with modern technologies to reveal and describe the condition of the tree in detail.


Data analysis is provided by Adbian software. It transforms bite-sized, isolated and seemingly unremarkable data into 3D models, which it then uses to test the stability of a particular tree. With a wide range of metrics and subsequent tests, it provides arborists with valuable information on tree stability and geometry, including detailed stress analysis and analysis of material properties and internal cavities.



The TreeScanner mobile app enables the collection of new and advanced tree data, for example through trunk scanning or photo analysis. It also serves as a data collection tool for processing by Adbian software.


It is a compact device for obtaining quantitative data on trees.This device can be mounted on a vehicle, thus radically increasing the efficiency of data collection around roadways (mainly roads and railways).

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